Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another fine day at CNC's Comics.

I have a stand/store that sells comics at an indoor flea market called Saturday's Market. We're called CNC's Comics. It was a brutally slow day, one of the first nice days of the season so I guess everyone was doing yard work and what not. At one point though a father and daughter, regular customers, came in. The little girl LOVES Spider-girl. She sometimes picks up other MC2 books like A-next or J2 or Wild Thing. She even once picked up some of that 616 Spider-girl. But mostly its just Mayday Parker with this girl.

So as she was waiting for her dad to look around and find something I saw her sitting on the ground near the counter. She was reading some Spider-girl books out of our dollar bin deciding which ones she wanted to get. It was more adorable then a bag full of lolcats.

That's why I have that stand. Sure it pays for my hobby and hopefully will soon become a real store. But its not just about the money, at Saturdays Market I could probably make more money selling some sort of food or Magic Cards or stickers for douche bags to put on their skateboards. But moments like that make it totally worth it.

Good to be alive sometimes.

Personally I was more of a J2 man myself.

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