Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review of the week: Fantastic Four #605.1

Given what you see on the cover and that the point one issues are meant to be new reader friendly you would expect this to be a re-telling of the FF's orgin. Four people go into space, get exposed to cosmic radiation storm, get super powers.

Except here it's the story of Doktor Richards, head scientist for the Third Reich on a mission from Hitler to conquer the Heavens. With him is the security detail of Susan and Jonathan Sturm and Benjamin Jakob Grimm, Jewish pilot on work release from a concentration camp.

I gotta say, pretty fucking cool so far. Granted its not what I expected, and I don't know how this alternate reality story is 'new reader friendly' but I still loved it.

Eventually this Richards gets his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet, which he calls the 'God Hand' and while facing opposition from this worlds version of the X-men and Avengers he loses his temper over them "vexing" him and in a hissy fit of rage uses the Gauntlet to accidently destroy all life in his universe. After a while he leaves his universe and becomes the founder of the Council of Reed Richards with alternate versions of himself.

There were a few great moments in this issue, that really made me want to know more about this world. The best was when Reed had several scientists working on some formula. The one who solved it was Viktor Von Doom. Reed is so impressed that he cuts out Doom's brain and has it surgically grafted onto his.

Damn. That's fucking twisted. I love it. All and all I gotta say this issue is worth all 299 pennies. 

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