Friday, May 11, 2012

If you can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em.

So for those of you who are not Christian and don't go to church or have much if any exposure to Evangelical culture, they are obsessed with having kids. Fucking obsessed. You constantly hear them talk about the need to out breed non believers. It's all ironically very Darwinian of them. So many of them feel it is their sacred duty to pump out as many as they can as fast as they can. Regardless of whether or not they can care for them. So in my church I know two couples who recently had babies and are having financial troubles as a result of it. One recently had their 3rd or 4th kid and the other had their first. The former used no birth control and just let nature take its course and the latter actually worked pretty hard over the course of a year to conceive. Both couples however had NO IDEA how they would pay for these children. And yet they did it anyway. Both couples are collecting government assistance. So I, and the rest of my fellow tax payers, are paying for their recklessness.

So forgive how unspiritual this sounds of me, but what the fuck!? NOBODY in my church is calling them to task for this. Indeed we were encourage to pray for the younger couple that God would bless them with a child during their attempts to conceive. Now I don't dislike either of these couples. And I do pray that God will provide. I have no wish to see them punished for this choice. Lord knows I've been stupid with money in the past too. So I don't want to throw stones here. And certainly this situation isn't the fault of these children. So again I pray God will provide. But I cannot believe that their decision is not only not criticized but celebrated in the church.

If I bought a new car or house, knowing full well I would not be able to keep up with the payments, and then came to my small group months later asking for prayer about my financial problems, I'm sure I would get prayer but I doubt I'd get a whole lot of sympathy. And any material help I did get from them would probably at least come with a lecture. And rightfully so. But somehow its OK because its a kid and not a mere material possession? Isn't it actually WORSE then? At least my theoretical stupid purchase only has the potential to put me in the poor house and not also a young innocent new life.

For the most part I have a great church and I love the people in it. And I know nobody is ever 100% ready for a child. But when you crunch the numbers and see there is no way you can afford it and then do it anyway because 'God will provide' that's not faith, that stupidity and irresponsibility. So why is it I feel like if I were to stand up in my church and criticize that irresponsibility I would be the bad guy?

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