Thursday, May 24, 2012

The little blue hedgehog that could.

Archie is a strange little company. Their namesake franchise is supposedly for kids, but they have pulled several odd headline grabbing stunts in recent years. They recently had a story arch guest starring Obama and Palin. Is that suppose to be for kids? Do kids give a shit about politics? I'm about as much of a political junkie as you'll ever meet, but when I was 9 I wasn't watching Meet the Press. I didn't know anything about the President other then my dad seemed to believe he was, and I quote, "a fucking asshole." More recently they decided to tackle issues of sexual orientation that I'm sorry have no fucking business in a comic book aimed directly at little ass kids. A lot of inner turmoil at Archie too apparently. Recently they fired their Co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit over some most likely bullshit sexual harassment claims. Why do I say bullshit? Because like 90% of sexual harassment is bullshit. Apparently she was making a joke about cock in the office or something. Because at Archie only Kevin Keller is allowed to like penis.

But at this strange little company lies one of the most unlikely success stories in the comic book industry. Sonic the Hedgehog has been going on for well over 200 issues now. Lots of video games have had comics, everything from Mortal Kombat to Mario. But none have come close to the success that Sonic had. Lara Croft's involvement in the Top Cow universe came the closest and that only lasted 50 issues.

And that success is richly deserved. I don't think there is a better all ages book out there. Sonic is touching, funny, exciting, totally accessibly to kids and even able to entertain an old cynical nerd like myself. After years of not reading it I hoped back on for the Genesis story and have been hooked on it since.

I remember during the Genesis story an issue of Sonic came out the same week and an issue of Hellraiser. I thought to myself 'What does it say about me that my two favorite books this week are Hellraiser and Sonic?"

I guess I'm a complicate man sometimes.

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