Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Open wide.

So I went to the dentist today. And as I left I couldn't help but think "I paid for that?" Seriously, could the dentist possibly suck more? Even when it doesn't hurt it still feels creepy as hell, that scraping vibration you feel through your whole skull. Last check up I went to I hadn't been in for almost ten years so it was a fucking ordeal. I think she had to bring out a belt sander from the basement. And of course the girl was giving me a guilt trip the whole time. It takes a special kind of woman to torture the shit out of you and make you feel like an asshole for it. "Your gums are bleeding a lot here" That might have something to do with the metal spike your stabbing them with. I mean granted that's just my amature opinion and you did go to school for this. But I'm pretty sure you could prick my finger with that and it would bleed. Doesn't mean I don't wash my hands. What possesses a girl to become a dental hygienist by the way? "Hmmm I'd like a job where people pay me to torture them, but I want to find something more socially acceptable than dominatrix."

Well things were fine this check up. No guilt trip. Which is good because for some reason I actually care that this person I barely know approves of my dental hygiene. It's an odd relationship. If I wreck my car and take it to the mechanic I don't feel like I should apologize to him as he assess the damage. And yet if my dental hygienist doesn't approve of how my teeth look somehow I feel like I ruined her day.

It's a very strange dynamic.

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