Sunday, May 27, 2012

Retro review: Extreme Justice #0

Ah the 90's. When everything had to be EXTREME! If a gun is cool then then a super giant big ass gun  must be super fucking mega cool. If Iron Man is cool then War Machine must be cooler, if Venom is cool then Carnage must be even more badass. If something worked then we were gonna stretch it out till it fucking snapped. So if Justice League worked why not an EXTREME team?

Now before we get into the meat of the issue, there's something I have to address. Isn't justice by definition balanced? It's about setting right what's wrong, paying what is due. One of the most common symbols for justice is a scale. So if justice is by definition balanced how can it be extreme? Isn't 'extreme justice' really just like vengeance?

This issue starts out on a military base where Colonel West has apparently lost his mind and has taken the whole damn base over. He is convinced the cold war isn't really over and that Russia is still our enemy and he needs to send nukes over there. So out EXTREME team show up to stop him, fighting the big robots the Colonel has working for him for reasons yet unclear. They stop him and save the day. Apparently they have broken off from the regular Justice League, or Wonder Woman's bunch as Captain Atom calls them. So because they needed a new head quarters they head to an abandoned military bunker that turns out to be inhabited by the same robots the Colonel had. After defeating the robots the bunker is then attacked by Peacekeepers. End of issue.

Also at some point we cut to a guy named Ron Raymond being diagnosed with cancer. Raymond is Firestorm in case you didn't know. I had to google it. And that bit sort of sums up the major problem with this issue. It's a zero issue so its suppose to be a jumping on point isn't it? But no introduction is given to the characters in the line up, and then we cut to a B list character in his civilian ID being diagnosed with cancer and the reader is not told who he is or why we should care. Some jumping on point.

That being said it wasn't a bad issue. The art and writing are solid enough. You just might want to have your DC Encyclopedia handy when you read it. I freely admit I might be giving it too much credit, I'm a big fan of Blue Beetle and have a soft spot for the other Charlton Comics guys like Captain Atom so that might have made me a little biased. But if you find this in a dollar bin (which is probably exactly where you'll find it) it's worth getting.

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