Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Review of the week: Aquaman #9

All and all I consider 'The New 52' to be an abysmal, spectacular fucking failure. It made the timeline and history of these characters more complicated not less. It gave great books like Power Girl the axe in favor of garbage like Grifter. It apparently hasn't brought in new readers and after the initial bump of new number 1 sales its crashing and burning fast. DC knows this too. Why do you think they recently announced, in a pathetically transparent headline grabbing bit of pandering to the Rainbow Mafia, that they would be making one of their characters gay? Like that's news. They already have a lesbian starring in her own book.

But one way the New 52 has been successful is Aquaman. Aquaman is so unbelievable fucking awesome right now. I'm speechless. I used to laugh so hard at old white fish. I remember once in a while over the years an issue of Aquaman would sometimes end up in my subscription box at my comic store. I would get pissed. "Don't put that shit in there. I could have accidentally bought it" But leave it to Geoff Johns to make Aquaman cool. This has been my favorite DC book since the New 52 started.

That being said, this issue was kinda lame. It wasn't bad, it just felt like filler. Like they needed to pad this story up for a trade. Black Manta attempts to steal some manacles from somebody called the Prisoner. Aquaman and Ya'Wara fight some of Manta's hired goons. Mera and Shin talk more (with Mera threatening him the whole time) and we learn that after Aquman's dad died of a heart attack while fighting Manta Aquaman took revenge by killing Manta's son.

So there you have it, not a bad issue but not as good as I've come to expect from this series. Hopefully next issue will be a little better. This issue, and honestly to a lesser extent this whole story line is falling flat with me.

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