Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review of the week: Incredible Hulk #8

I hate the Image comics boys so much. That gang of seven assholes who founded the company that almost destroyed the comic book industry. Sure they're good artists, except for Liefeld, but they suck at EVERYTHING else. Character design, writing, and above all keeping on schedule and finishing what they start. So when I heard Marc Silvestri was gonna be the artist on Hulk I figured it would either be plagued with lateness or he would only last a few issues. He lasted three. Since then, while the writing has been great this book as suffered in the art department. We'll get to that in a moment but first lets take a look at the writing end.

This issue starts with Hulk suddenly finding himself in Mexico among a gang of dog men. These guys have sharp teeth and dog collars on and they bark and growl. Hulk figures out that he must stay angry or turn back into the now criminally insane Banner. Searching for answers Hulk discovers that the Punisher was also at odds with this group. They team up in search of the leader of this gang, a humanoid dog man creature. Hulk eventually stumbles onto a trap set by Banner to gas him and turn him back into Banner. Next thing Hulk knows he's in Atlantis and has just had surgery preformed on him at Banners request.

I'm enjoying where Aaron is going, I have been since issue one. Hulk is a concept that can easily get stale with the wrong writer and Aaron is going in new and interesting directions while still feeling like its a very logical progression of the Hulk mythos. But Steve Dillion's art just does not work for the Hulk. He draws Hulk so small, he looks like just a ripped dude not the Hulk. Hulk should look inhumanly muscular. Dillion works great with street level guys like Punisher and Daredevil but just not for the Hulk.

All and all I liked this issue and have high hopes for this story arch. If this book can just get a solid regular artist it will be one of Marvel's best.

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