Saturday, May 12, 2012

Review of the week: The Pro

OK so I know I'm a little behind the times here. The first printing of The Pro came out a decade ago. Well somehow it slipped under my radar the first time around and I just heard about it this past week as they released a second printing. For those of you who don't know the Pro is the story of a prostitute who gains super powers and joins a super hero team full of JLA knock offs.

There is a lot to dislike about this comic. Garth Ennis is sort of the Larry the Cable guy of comics. Its really good the first time but after a while you realize how one note he is and it just gets old. If you read one Eniss story you basically read them all. And I like super heroes but Ennis has made his contempt for them pretty clear over the years. He is almost incapable of writing them as anything other then infantile, insane, perverts, or just idiots.

But this book is still pretty damn funny although that is is owed mostly to the amazing art of Amanda Conner. It is said that in one sense a comic book artist is an actor, and Conner is a great actress, particularly a great comedic actress. The amazing amount of feeling and expression she puts into the faces and body language of her characters are able to carry Ennis' weaker more cliched jokes.

If this is the first Garth Ennis book you have read pick it up. You will love it. If like me Ennis has worn thin with you get this book anyway. Conner saves it from being yet another Ennis book

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