Monday, May 21, 2012

Rob Liefeld's romantic side.

I was bored tonight and decided to go onto Rob Liefeld's site looking for a laugh. I found this little gem. So lets take a look at what's happening in this pic, she is kissing him and he is grimacing with his mouth tightly shut. Is this what Liefeld thinks kissing is? Is this some sort of Alpha male asshole game taken too far? What is going on here? This is on the front page of his site. He is choosing to display this train wreck. He must think this is a good example of his work.

Also I couldn't help but notice but on the front page of his site there is a button to email him. He lets anybody and everybody email him. What chrome plated balls on that man. I almost respect that. Think about it, how much hate mail do you think is in his inbox each day?

When I think about how many talented artists out there would suck a dick to work at Marvel or DC, the fact that Rob is still getting work boggles the mind.

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