Monday, May 28, 2012

Villain Spotlight: The Jackal


Never obsess over a woman. Just don't. There are well over three billion bitches on this planet. It just ain't worth it. Case in point: Professor Miles Warren mastered the science of cloning human beings and even imprinting the memories of the original, or sometimes just made up memories, onto the clone because he really really wanted to fuck one of his students. Wouldn't investing in a bottle of chloroform and a van be cheaper and easier? Well normally yes but sadly this particular student was Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker AKA Spider-man's first major girlfriend who had recently been murdered by the Green Goblin. So Miles decided he had to clone her. As a result of this things got a little out of hand. Actually they spiraled completely fucking out of control. 

Yeah it starts with cloning the girl, next thing you know your cloning her super hero boyfriend in an attempt to fuck with him. Then you end up cloning him again, only this one's all fucked up, then you clone him again and that one has shape changing powers for some reason, then you clone him like 100 more times.  Also you end up fucking with the New Warriors and the Punisher and your not even sure why. Oh and at one point you cloned yourself and your not even sure if your the original anymore. Like I said things just get out of hand.

So let this be a lesson for you, you gotta just move on. 

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