Sunday, May 13, 2012

A whole new reason to hate Rob Liefeld

Sweet Christmas I hate that douchebag. There's not much that can be said about Rob here that hasn't already been said. But in the last couple years a whole new reason to wish horrible painful death upon this man has emerged. His artwork has actually improved a little.

Yes Rob Liefeld has actually gotten a little better in the last few years. All the way up to shitty. Let's look at his recent Hawk and Dove #1.
OK now that's pretty shitty. But lets look at some earlier work.

Holy shit look at that one girl's back.

Warpath, what the fuck happened to your arms?

And of course this little fucking gem. This wasn't even a page from a comic it was just a promotional pic he did for the Heroes Reborn train wreck. And yet it's still one of the most infamous images in comic book history. You know theres actually a video on youtube where Rob talks about how when he sent that pic out Jim Lee called him that night saying "Rob you gotta fix this shit" and he told Lee 'Fuck you man, it looks fine"

You know what the last three images have in common? They are fucking funny. As soon as you look at them your like "Holy shit" and you start laughing. I can't look through a copy of Youngblood #1 without laughing so hard I can't breath. Rob's art was so bad, for a while I was convinced his whole career was some sort of Andy Kaufman-like joke he was playing on us.

But look at that cover to Hawk and Dove #1. I mean it certainly doesn't look good, but Rob's work used to jump off the page and rape your eyeballs with its insanity.This just sucks. Its not 'Holy Mother fucking shit what the hell is this?" bad. It's just bad. It's not funny anymore. I have always hated Liefeld, but I used to love to hate him. I laughed at his artwork so much I felt like I should thank him for all the good times I had. In a twisted way I was kind of a fan. But now? Now its just bad. I don't love to hate Liefeld anymore, I just hate him. His artwork got better, which in an odd way made it worse.

So reason #417 to hate Rob Liefeld: He stopped being funny.

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