Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Amazing Spider-man and the Dark Knight Rises, kinda hard to care.

Over at The Null Zone Cameron posted an interesting article about how uninterested he is with this summer of movies. I'm not sure I share the same level of apathy. There have been a some damn good movies this summer. Avengers was fucking incredible and I loved Brave a lot too. But there are two movies coming out that I as a comic book nerd should be excited for and both leave me cold.

The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-man. Everyone seems all amped for these. Honestly I'm more excited about the new Seth MacFarlane movie Ted then either one of these.

Will I see DKR and Amazing? Of course. Shit, I'll probably see both opening weekend. But there is just such a feeling of been there done that. I mean I just saw a mother fucking Avengers movie. A fucking great Avengers movie at that. If you would have told me even 5 years ago there would be an Avengers movie, let alone one done so well, I would have never fucking believed you. To go from that to Spider-man or Batman AGAIN just seems like a let down.

Like I said, I'll go see both these movies, and they'll probably both be damn good movies. But it's just hard to get that excited about seeing the seventh Batman movie of my lifetime. 

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