Thursday, June 7, 2012

Conspicuous in it's absence.

I'm more then ready to declare the New 52 Reboot a spectacular fucking failure. Sure there are some good stories in there. Aquaman, the Bat books, the Green Lantern books, Swamp Thing, Dial H are all books I have enjoyed. But most of the good stories would have worked fine in the pre-Flashpoint universe or would have required only a little continuity tweaking at most to have worked. I suspect I'm not alone in my distaste for the New 52. I think the old fans are pissed and it hasn't brought in any new fans. Does that mean it will be undone soon? I don't know about that, it depends on how stubborn Dan Didio is. And based on the interviews I've heard I suspect his head is at least three feet up his own ass. So he may keep shoving this down the readers throats for as long as he's in charge. I mean did ANYONE like One More Day? Doesn't matter because Joe Quesada has made it clear he'll be deep in the cold cold ground before he reverses it.

But am I wrong? Sure I hate the new 52, and my comic book reading friends do as well. And the message boards sure haven't been kind to it. But the Internet does tend to skew towards the negative. People tend to want to bitch about things they hate more then they want to praise things they like. So am I wrong? Is the New 52 actually beloved by the fans?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I went to Wizard World Philly on Saturday. Check out the cover to the show guide above. That sure isn't Nu Superman is it? Don't comic book conventions love to pimp whats hot and popular at the time? So why a cover featuring a Superman that basically hasn't existed in over a year now? In fact I saw very little New 52 stuff there. A lot of the vendors would have a rack of "Hot Books" and it was mostly Avengers vs X-men stuff, some oddball Star Trek like Star Trek/X-men or Star Trek/Legion of Super Heroes (the show had the Captains of all 5 Star Trek shows as guests so lots of Star Trek swag there), There was some various DC books, but almost all pre-Flashpoint. Aside from a copy of Action #1 or Detective #1 for $5 a piece no New 52 stuff among the 'Hot Books' sections.

In fact the New 52 issues I did see, except for the very recent issues, were usually discounted. One box had New 52 books cover price or buy two get one free. Now this was mostly the less popular titles, I think Teen Titans, Supergirl, Superboy and Green Arrow were the biggest names in the box.  Hell I saw brand new copies of Grifter #1-3, and 5 in a dollar bin. They weren't bitched up condition wise they looked brand new but they were just tossed in there like the 'who gives a shit' garbage that it is.

If comic cons are where you take the pulse of the fans, it seems like in regards to NuDC they're flat lining.

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