Thursday, June 7, 2012

How do you become Chairman of a holiday?

Unless your an Evangelical Christian or a politics junkie you probably haven't heard of Dr. James Dobson. He's not exactly a mainstream household name. But he has long been a major, arguably THE major leader in the religious right and a major king maker within the Republican party. And you might be only be vaguely aware of the fact that the first Thursday in May is considered the National Day of Prayer. The current law making the first Thursday in May the National Day of Prayer was signed by Reagan in 1988, although a prototype of that law was signed by Truman in 1952.

Now putting aside the issue of whether or not our government should be telling us to pray (I contend that it very much should not) what I find interesting is that Dr. Dobson's wife Shirley Dobson is constantly called the Chairman of the National Day of Prayer. I first noticed this last year around May and thought "Wait a sec, how the fuck do you become Chairman of a Holiday?" Well she is actually Chairman of an organization she and her husband founded called the National Day of Prayer Taskforce which sponsors and orchestrates NDoP events around the country.

I guess its a natural, if unfortunate instinct among people to irrationally elevate and even borderline deify some people. One need only look to our celebrity culture for that. You would think that religious people who are supposed to be worshipping God would be less inclined to bow their knee to other flawed human beings but sadly they are actually more inclined. This woman declared herself the official head of a holiday and rather then call her out on the obvious absurdity of that the Evangelical community said "OK then". Sad.

In related news I have recently declared myself King of Saint Patrick's Day, so I'll expect everyone to address me as such from now on.

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