Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Looking forward to the new Amazing Spider-man game.

Like I said in an earlier post I'm not much of a gamer. But I'll probably get the new Amazing Spider-man movie game the week it comes out. As soon as I heard they were going back to the free roaming sandbox play I was sold. The lack of sandbox play really kept me from enjoying Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions like I should have (I love Spidey and I love multiverse stories so I bought that game the day it came out). I don't think this game will be anything cutting edge or, pardon the pun, amazing. But a Spidey fan like myself can't resist a Spider-man game if it's sandbox. I finally got around to checking out some of the character designs for the game. Whenever there is a game based on a comic book movie its sometimes interesting to see how the game takes extra villains and re-imagines them to fit the style of the movie. Sometimes. Lets take a look.

OK so Black Cat. Not much too this really. Just sorta a chick in leather. Nothing about this design even says cat. She should at least have the collar-like choker or something.

The Rhino. Not much of a departure from comic book Rhino. But really it's the Rhino, what do you do with him? What's to be done? I like the Rhino as a character but I never bought him as a threat to Spidey. Spider-man will always own the Rhino's ass. Hell, Rhino has a better chance of taking down the Hulk then Spider-man. Easy strategy for Spidey, jump out of the way and make Rhino run into things until he hurts himself. I'm pretty sure Spider-man could beat Rhino while playing Tetris on his phone.

Vermin. Kind of an odd choice for a game, he's not exactly a major Spidey villain. But I guess they're going with the theme of animal-men monsters created by Oscorp to go along with the Lizard. Here's a question I can't help but ask, and I have to say no homo before I ask it, but where is his cock and balls. I mean he doesn't have any kind of a loin cloth or anything and aside from his back he looks hairless and yet he seems to be hung like a Ken doll. I understand we don't want to look at a rat-man's dong during a boss level, but why not give him some fur there or something.

The Iguana? Shit now we're making Vermin seem like an A-list villain. Who the fuck is the Iguana you ask? Just another humanoid lizard that the Lizard made. He appeared like twice. I actually like this character design more them movie Lizard. Yeah its just a humanoid iguana, so I suppose it's not that imaginative, but sometimes you can't get much more bad ass then mother nature's designs.

The Scorpion. Shit that looks fucking awesome. One hand is a scorpion claw and the other is human, he has little mandibles on his face, and his exoskeleton skin just looks great.

Do I expect anything cutting edge or brand new in this game? No. But sometimes you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes its enough to just make a damn good one.

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