Saturday, June 9, 2012

Maybe Logan's Run was right.

Old people fucking suck. Well, not all of them but a great deal of them. Especially the crop of old fucks we got now. They are the first of the F.D.R. handout generation. There was a time when it was generally considered the right thing to do to try to leave the world a better place for future generations, even if it meant self sacrifice. But now, old people scream bloody fucking murder when any politician tries to reform social security, medicare or any of that other horse shit. Never mind that those government run pyramid schemes will bankrupt us all if we don't faze them out of existence, never mind that the politicians trying to reform those programs promise to not touch current beneficiaries, just the mere possibility that their fucking handout might get affected is enough to make them scream "Fuck my grandkids"

So I have an idea for a political add. You know those hoveround commercials where that one old fuck says "I paid zero for the unit" and that other wrinkled parasite says smugly "My hoveround didn't cost me a penny" Get some actors that look like those old guys to say those lines, then after "...didn't cost me a penny" the old bastard looks at the little boy standing next to him and says "But it cost my grandson his future" Then we fade to black with all the statistics of how all that bullshit will send us into financial oblivion.

Paid for by the Coalition of People sick of paying for other People's retirement.

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