Friday, June 15, 2012

More evidence that DC shot itself in the foot.

Well, to be exact, DC handed Jim Lee a gun, and he shot DC in the foot with it, given he seems to be the major creative force behind this mess. And I use the term creative loosely. I was at a comic book store in Baltimore today looking around, and I overheard a girl, probably mid 20's, asking the guy at the counter if he had a Harley Quinn statue she was looking for. He explained that he didn't and he will try to get her one if she wants but no promises. She went on to talk about how she used to read comics and for budget reasons fell out a couple years ago and was looking to get back in. She also could not shut up about how much she loved Harley Quinn and was dying to find that statue. She asked if DC would make more and he told her he doubted it because of their reboot.  He then showed her the new Harley Quinn. She said "Oh that looks like her in the Arkham games, I don't like that design" Trying to hide the disgust in her voice. The more the clerk explained about the reboot, and he was trying to sell her on it mind you, the more disappointed she sounded and appeared. She then went on to explain how she liked Quinn's original non whore look. "The innocent look made her seem even more crazy" she said. Now Quinn, and again I'm quoting here "Looked like she should be working at Hot Topic".

This woman is the very 'new reader' that this whole fucking abortion of a reboot was designed to bring in. Mission accomplished huh DC? Take a good look, Jim Lee turned this:

Into this:

Go fuck yourself Jim.

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