Friday, June 1, 2012

The now fabulous life of Alan Scott

DC really shot itself in the foot with this reboot. And now rather than admit that and turn around they just keep making it worse. Recently, not content to be running just its regular universe into the dirt DC has brought back the concept of Earth-2. At first when I heard that I thought "Smart move, bring back something old school to satisfy the fans who are none too pleased with the reboot. And it doesn't get more old school then Earth-2" But, oh was I wrong. No instead the plan was to update Earth-2 with some politically correct diversity and shitty Jim Lee costume designs. Fuck me.

Now as this reboot fails DC seems to be trying everything to keep it going. And now in an attempt to grab headlines they are sacrificing a character who has endured for over 70 years on the alter of the rainbow Mafia.

I am not inherently opposed to homosexuals in comics. I think Batwoman is one of the more interesting characters to come out of DC in the last 10 years. But you do not just slap 'gay' on top of a character that has endured for damn near the entire history of super hero comics just to be 'edgy',  'PC',  'diverse' and other such horse shit.

But hey one thing is the same, his weakness is still 'wood'.

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