Saturday, June 2, 2012

Retro Review: Spider-man/Badrock 1A-1B

Fuck me, where to begin? Alright let's start with the retarded numbering. 1A and 1B. Why not just 1 and 2? Because in the 90's everythings gotta be a fucking #1. Especially if it's from Maximum Press, milking stupid fucking speculators is their bread and butter. Of course they could have just made this a prestigious format one shot like most inter-company crossovers. But given that each of these had 8 fucking pages of ads at the end I'm not sure it would even be enough for that. If they had to be all edgy and shit with their numbering why not just an Alpha and Omega one shots? On second thought that might have brought back memories of Maximum Clonage and nobody wants that. But see usually a letter after the number is used to indicate variant covers in price guides. So honestly if I hadn't looked up online that this was a two parter I would have only gotten one of them.

Another thing I find interesting is the name itself. You see when these crossovers happen, while both companies are obviously getting money out of it only one is doing the actual publishing of the book itself. And almost always whoever is doing the publishing gives their character top billing. For example Spider-man/Batman was published by Marvel and Batman/Spider-man was published by DC. Makes sense, after all you want to promote the character you own. But this is published by Maximum Press. Wait, you say, I thought Youngblood and Badrock were Image? Well, Leifeld and his properties were no longer at Image at this point. He was apparently too much of a douche for even that group. In fact there were allegations Rob was basically stealing from the company. So he took his Extreme Studio (yes he actually fucking called it that) and founded Maximum Press. By the way Maximum Press? Extreme Studios? It's like the inside of Liefeld's mind is one great big fucking Mountain Dew commercial. But even at Maximum Press Badrock can't get top billing. Pretty sad. Although to be fair the title does fit because this is definitely a Spider-man story that happens to have Badrock in it.

Now onto the story itself. Basically Jameson takes Peter along with him to interview Youngblood....urp....sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Anyways they are specifically suppose to interview Hawkeye errrrr I'm sorry I meant Shaft of Youngblood but he stands Jonah up. Instead they interview Badrock. Part way into the interview the hotel this is taking place in is attacked by the Rhino. Badrock fights the Rhino then Spidey jumps in to help. After defeating the Rhino Venom shows up. Then Carnage. Then Hobgoblin and Green Goblin. Then Vulture. Realizing how unlikely it is all these villains would be working together Spidey figures out this is all just Mysterio's typical bullshit. Spidey and Badrock find Mysterio and beat the shit out of him. Also Spidey gets Badrock and Youngblood to agree to be interviewed by Jonah if Peter is the photographer.

It's actually a decent, if forgettable, Spider-man story. It just happens to have Badrock in it. In most crossovers both franchises are at least someone equally represented, but other then a cameo by Youngblood and Badrock's just sorta being there the whole time this is totally a Spider-man story. But given that the other franchise is fucking Badrock maybe it's a good thing this was so Spidey heavy. No scratch that, it's definitely a good thing. If your a Spidey fan and see this in a dollar bin it's worth getting. Otherwise you might wanna just pass.

Oh, and one last thing, While I'm not one to complain about the price of comics, adjusted for inflation they're probably about the same as they've ever been (wanna be mad at someone for high prices be mad at our government for devaluing the currency) if back in 1997 I had paid $2.99(at least a dollar more then DC and Marvel were charging at the time) for a book and half of it was fucking ads, I'd be pretty fucking pissed.

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