Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review of the Week: Avengers Academy #32

I think writer Christos Cage deserves a better book then this. He should be on Avengers or New Avengers. I really don't like most of the student characters in Avengers Academy, and I'm particularly annoyed that we have to have a token gay character. Seriously can't I read any comics without a gay dude in it? Homosexuals are like less then 5% of the population and I swear they're in 40% of my comics. Hell even in this weeks Before Watchmen: The Comedian its hinted that Comedian was secretly in love with JFK. That being said when this book is focusing on characters I do give a shit about, like X-23, Giant Man, Tigra, or Justin and his pet Sentinel, the book really shines for me.

In this issue the Emma and her 1/5 of the Phoenix power come to the Academy looking to destroy Justin's Sentinel. By the end the entire Academy, including X-23 stand against her and we end the issue. Doesn't sound like much but thats because we focus a lot on X-23, who starts the issue thinking the Sentinel should be destroyed being moved by Justin's attachment to it. X-23 is probably one of the most interesting characters Marvel has come up with in the last 10 years and this issue demonstrates why.

So if your not reading Avengers Academy you should be. Hop on board for the AvX tie in issues at least. You won't be disappointed.

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