Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review of the Week Extra: Astonishing X-men #51

I have rather mixed feeling and complicated views when it comes to gay marriage. On the one hand I am a man of faith and my faith teaches me homosexuality is wrong so I cannot accept or celebrate homosexuality. On the other hand I am a libertarian and politically I'm very live and let live so if a couple of gay dudes want a little piece of paper from the government so they can play house it doesn't upset me at all. Part of living in a free country is people are free to do things I don't approve of. I am free to criticize them for it but they are none the less free to do it anyway. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Of course another issue for me is I am sick of the sheer volume of gay stories crammed down my throat (no pun intended). This is especially true in comics books. And the worst part is the self righteous smugness these creators have like they're really being risky and edgy with this shit. When fucking Archie does it it's no longer edgy.

Now I'm not gonna sit here and write a full review of Astonishing X-men #51 because first of all you can read that a million other places and second of all this book for the most part made very little impression on me. There's really not much to talk about. There is some wedding planning and a main plot line I couldn't even get into enough to fully read. It was all and all pretty fucking boring. But there was one part in this book that really impressed me, just a little two page exchange between characters, but it really struck me and I have to give credit where credit is due.

Warbird, who is a Shi'ar warrior on this team informs Northstar that she does not approve of this and can not attend. Makes sense that the warrior culture isn't a big fan of the fabulous life. Northstar asks he to reconsider but she says that while she respects him a great deal she can not. And that's it. Two people deeply disagreed with each other and are apparently still able to respect each other and function as teammates and even friends. She didn't get all fucking pissy and start screaming that she's "going to stop this faggot shit" and he didn't have a damn hissy fit about how she's 'oppressing' him or how shes a bigot just because she doesn't approve.

Even if only fictional it was nice to see two people disagree on such a contentious issue without hating each other. But maybe that's just me.

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