Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review of the week: Spider-men #2

Well this issue has picked up from the last one. Peter Parker, now trapped in the Ultimate universe, has encountered Miles Morales, the Ultimate universe's current Spider-man and they have the obligatory super hero misunderstanding fight. This book, as with any Bendis book, is heavy with dialogue, but rather then stand around and talk our heroes talk while having a pretty cool fight. The fight scene does a good job of showcasing the difference both in powers and fighting style of our two Spider-men. After the fight Peter is interviewed by Ultimate Nick Fury. You could argue that Fury accepts his story of being an alternate universe Peter too quickly but to be fair this isn't the first time Fury has come across this sorta thing. He spend some time actually living in the Supreme Power universe and of course there was the whole near disaster crossover the Ultimate Fantastic Four had with the Marvel Zombies universe which I'm sure Fury is aware of so I guess it's old hat to Fury at this point.

This series is shapping up to be pretty cool and if your not reading it your missing out.

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