Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review of the wek: Before Watchmen: Minutemen#1

I liked Watchmen, I really did. I like Alan Moore too. But I'm not one of these Alan Moore fanboys who thinks the man can do no wrong. And Watchmen, as wonderful as it was, wasn't without it's flaws. The ending fucking sucked. It was stupid and lazy and Moore ripped it off of an Outer Limits episode. And while Moore may want to get on an artist high horse about the Watchmen movie and Before Watchmen sullying the artist purity of his perfect little baby, its pretty fucking obvious to me Moore is only mad that he never got the rights back. He claims DC fucked him over. Supposedly the contract said DC would hold the rights so long as Watchmen remained in print and he didn't realize DC would be constantly pumping out trades of it. I don't really have a great deal of sympathy for him. If he believed in Watchmen so much he should have self published or taken it to Dark Horse or something. So if Moore isn't happy about this he can go fuck himself as far as I'm concerned. It's not like he isn't doing OK for himself.

The Minuteman prequel was the one I looked forward to the least to be honest. It wasn't that it looked bad it just didn't really grab my attention. But I gotta tell you it was pretty solid. Darwyn Cooke goes a long way in just one issue to adding a great deal of depth to Watchmen's background characters in this. And his artwork is beautiful and perfectly suited for this type of story.

The reaction from Moore fans to the mere announcement of this project was insane. You would think you went into a Mosque with some doodles and scratching in a notebook and announced you had 'a new chapter for their little magic book'. People got fucking pissed like I couldn't believe. And to me that's the funny thing, they got all worked up over a book that as of its first issue is pretty good and takes away nothing from the original.

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