Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review: Superman vs the Elite Animated Movie.

DC has generally been on a roll with these animated movies, sure they haven't all been great but they sure as hell have the Marvel ones beat. Of course Marvel is spanking DC on live action movies so it's only a small victory. This story is based on the highly celebrated Action Comics #775. At the risk of hurting my nerd cred I have to admit I haven't read Action 775 so I can't say how true it is to the source material. It's just hard to find it at a decent price and as far as I know it's not in any trades. The basic story here is Superman encounters this new group of heroes called The Elite who are much more violent, and even reckless then Superman approves of. The Elite sees fit to act as judge jury and executioner and are not very careful about collateral damage.

This isn't the first time the super hero genre has seen a hero with a strong moral code being confronted with a more violent hero who declares that code to be naive or childish. One need only read almost any story with Spider-man and the Punisher where Spider-man called Punisher a lunatic and Punisher calls Spidey a pussy for similar themes. But this is an example of that type of story done very well and it definitely worth getting. But you can read a hundred different reviews of this movie elsewhere so I want to focus on something a lot of other reviewers might not spend much time on.

Lois is voiced by Pauley Perrette, best know as Abby on NCIS, and she is, to me at least, the best part of this movie in many ways. Lois generally annoys me, as I said in an earlier post she usually comes across as a spoiled selfish fucking cunt. But Perrette manages to give Lois her trademark, as Ed Asner would say, spunk without making her bitchy. I'm not sure why even, maybe its that Perrette's voice manages to betray just a hint of vulnerability behind Lois' posturing. Either way its probably the best Lois Lane voice I've ever heard.

So like I said I would definitely recommend this movie. 

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