Thursday, June 28, 2012

Supreme Court wipes their asses with constitution.

What do you say? What's to be said? How am I supposed to write about this shit? The Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare. A friend of mine recently complained that I don't do enough news and politics here. When shit like this is happening you can see why I would rather talk about Spider-man and Sonic the Hedgehog. See that asshole above with his big stupid fucking grin? That's John Roberts, the swing vote that said Obamacare is constitutional. They said it is constitutional to make you buy health insurance. The government can make you buy a product. And this isn't like auto insurance. That you buy for the privilege of using the public roads. This they are making you buy for the privilege of existing.

You know how they justified this bullshit? They called it a tax. A tax, that you apparently pay to the insurance companies. The insurance companies that are largely owned by the big six mega banks. In case you need any more proof who owns our government.

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