Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TV Review: Spider-man: The New Animated Series.

Fucking hell I hate MTV. Where as once it had some artistic merit to its programing, like a self full filling prophecy it has now become the social and cultural poison its critics always claimed it was. The whole network now is like Beavis and Butthead minus the irony. For fucks sake it actually has a show glorifying stupid teenage twats that get knocked up. These brats shouldn't be rewarded with attention for that shit, they should be spayed and neutered by a drunken Bob Barker using only a rusty fork. But every once in a while over the last decade MTV has had some decent programing. Case in point the short lived Spider-man toon they had. Although they buried it at like 10:30 on a Friday night and never reran it during the week so I think someone at that nest of vipers of a network wanted to kill it for some reason.

At my comic book store/stand we have a TV and we run various different super hero cartoons and movies for the customers and I've been watching it a lot lately there. I feel like this show could have been by far the greatest super hero show ever but sadly it had a major single flaw that drug it down.

First let's talk about the good. To me the best part of this show was the voice talent. Neil Patrick Harris was great as Peter,  Lisa Loeb did a wonderful MJ (I've always thought she had a sexy voice). Rob Zombie gave the voice of Dr. Conners, Michael Clarke Duncan reprised his Kingpin role from the Daredevil movie, and Michael Dorn did the voice of Kraven. Also it was interesting that the show was written on the same PG-13ish level Spider-man comics are at.

But like I said for all its strengths this show had one major weakness. Terrible villains. This show came out shortly after the first Spider-man movie and was sorta loosely based on it and I guess because Sony wasn't sure which villains they would be using in later movies they limited what the show could use. So a side from Silver Sable, Kingpin, Lizard, Kraven, and a drastically altered Electro the show had no villains from the comics. Instead they created their own and boy did they suck balls. There was Talon, who was basically a poor man's Black Cat voiced by the talentless so called rapper Eve. Then there was a bunch of losers that are barely worth remembering. There was some flying dudes who were sorta based on Vulturions or something, and some twins with mind bullet powers, and a chick with a magic sword or something, it was all pretty fucking sad. Also if you get the whole thing on DVD it ends on a cliff hanger. This show was almost great but one major flaw spoiled the whole thing. It's still worth checking out though, you can probably get it on DVD for like $15.

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