Monday, June 4, 2012

TV Review: Wonder Woman 2011

Remember how last year there was going to be a Wonder Woman show on NBC and then suddenly there wasn't? A pilot was made and never even aired. Well I saw one of the bootleg DVD guys at Wizard World had it on DVD and I just had to get it. So I got around to watching it today and I got to say, I was very pleasantly surprised. Granted I had pretty low expectations. I expected it would be a complete fucking abortion. I mean it never even got aired. Have you seen the garbage network TV airs? It was actually pretty solid. No it wasn't the greatest show ever, but it was just as good as Smallville and that went on for like a fucking decade (to be fair aside from a few scattered episodes I didn't watch Smallville past season one)

In this show Wonder Woman also runs Themyscira Inc. which sells Wonder Woman crap like dolls and what not. While she does mention she is an Amazon her sisters are only really hinted about. She apparently uses the money from her corporation to fund her WW activities. She has to navigate the difficult world of operating in a legal grey area being basically a vigilante. And the show does a great job of demonstrating this. She has an uneasy relationship with the L.A.P.D. (L.A. being her base of operations) and even must have an awkward dinner with a Senator at one point. And we are treated to Elizibeth Hurley playing an evil head of a pharmaceutical company WW must prove is behind this episodes evil plot (yeah I'll give you it's a little cliched). Hurley plays a bad girl villainess beautifully and should do it more often. The only complaint I have is that Wonder Woman kills some of the bad guys in this. And I don't mean in that 'against Max Lord she had no choice' kinda way, I mean she throws a lead pipe through a security guard's neck at one point. She could have easily used non lethal force.

I can't really comment on the special effects as they had not been finished. The fights scenes had wires still showing and one birds eye view says INSERT POLICE CARS HERE so who knows how good the effects would have been. The fight scenes were wonderfully choreographed though. Aside from Wonder Woman going a little Frank Castle on us I'm convinced this could have been a good show. Certainly better then much of the dog shit on network TV. Raising Hope? Bob's Burgers? All that reality shit? And how many fucking shows about singing can there be? Fuck.

I know Diana, I'm mad you didn't get a fair chance too.

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