Monday, June 11, 2012

Villain Spotlight: Demogoblin

I loved Demogoblin. Much like Superman Red and Blue I think Demogoblin is extremely underrated. For those of you who don't know what Demogoblin's deal is lets give a brief history. During the Inferno crossover in which New York was overrun with demons, Jason Macendale AKA the Hobgoblin tried to make a deal with a demon with left him possessed. He spent a great deal of time as what is usually referred to as the demonic Hobgoblin during which time he fought not only Spider-man but also Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Darkhawk and more. In Web of Spider-man #86 the Demon split off from Hobgoblin forming his own super villain called Demogoblin. Demogoblin retained the Goblin M.O. (Glider, Pumpkin bombs ect) although his weapons were supernatural and demonic rather then tech based. Eventually Demogoblin was killed in a fight with the very Hobgoblin he once possessed.

Demogoblin is probably one of the most disliked chapters in Goblin history and I never really understood why. Unlike all the other Goblins who have the same "Must take over the mob and/or kill Spider-man" motivation Demogoblin had a completely different agenda: redemption. Granted he was going about it in a misguided and blood thirsty way, but all he wanted to do was to end up back in God's favor. His plan to do this was to wage war on other demons and that expanded to sinners in general which is of course all of us. We could have told such interesting stories with this character asking deep and tough theological questions. But it was not to be. Despite the potential the character had I freely admit most of his stories were pretty lame and barely touched on the deep issues driving the character. And then he died. 

Because in much the same way Demogoblin was a product of the 90's he was also a victim of the 90's. Only in the 90's, a time when everything had to be taken to the extreme and the dial had to be cranked up to 11, would we decide a more hardcore version of Hobgoblin was needed. And again only in the 90's would we then almost immediately kill this new Goblin off to keep everyones attention. You see while it was a time of more extreme versions of characters i.e. Venom-Carnage, Iron Man-War Machine ect. it was also a time of very short attention spans. Everything had to be a milestone every other issue, so weddings, costume changes, and deaths were common. So it seemed no sooner had Demogoblin broken off then this happened:

The Death of Deomogoblin. But hey can a demon truly die? I for one hope we see Demogoblin again.

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