Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vox Day, protecting us all from the dangers of tomboys.

I genuinely like WorldNetDaily columnist and blogger Theodore Beale AKA Vox Day. He's one of three blogs I link to in my Blogs I like link list. I find even when I disagree with him he usually at least challenges me and makes me think. But his latest WorldNetDaily column, in which he rails against the "culturally poisonous" new Pixar movie Brave reads more like a parody of Vox than a column he actually wrote. This part of the column had me almost embarrassed for him:

Since the movie hasn’t come out yet, it’s impossible to say whether the propaganda is as straightforward as the New York Times article makes it look to be, or if it is actually a subversion and the title is a deceptive one masking a story where the strong and brave independent girl learns the error of her ways and the value of tradition.

Holy shit Vox, really? The funny thing is I generally agree with Vox on the idiotic PC way girls and boys are portrayed in the media. Basically every show on Nickelodeon or Disney Channel portrays girls as smarter and wiser then boys and boys as either morons or little High School Musical homos. And I agree with him about how being a mother or wife is maligned by the media, despite those things being backbone of civilization. Of course I also don't think that a woman's sole purpose in life is to be the life support system for a womb. We are not merely animals who exist just to make more of ourselves. And to have this venomous a reaction because Pixar made a cartoon about a redheaded tomboy? Now again I like Vox, but here he has taken a legitimate argument and stretched it until it sounds like the cartoonish negative way the other side would characterize it.

Will I go see Brave? Hell yes, Pixar hasn't let me down yet. And I always have and always will have a soft spot for a stubborn redheaded tomboy. Now if all the boys in this movie are portrayed as bumbling buffoons then I'll be pissed off just like Vox. But I am not in and of itself bothered by a little girl being portrayed as a tough little thing and I'm a little confused as to why anyone would 

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