Friday, June 29, 2012

Woman arrested for holding up a sign.

As yes, land of the free indeed. This woman spent 12 hours in jail for holding up a sign on a public sidewalk. What terrible thing could her sign say to get such a reaction? "Speed trap!" Yes you see this young lady was a decent human being who was taking time from her day to try and help people not get robbed by the badge gang. The Houston pigs of course didn't like this so one of them illegally searched her backpack, threatened to charge her with obstructing justice, and finally charged her with standing in the road rather then the sidewalk, which I'm sure was a fucking lie.

Now in case any of you readers are still stupid enough to think cops are the good guys, let me ask you this: if the point of traffic cops is public safety and not just making money for the government, then how was this woman hindering that? Her sign, after all, most likely got people to slow down. But see that's the point, its not the job of traffic cops to worry about public safety, it's the job of these pigs to make money for big brother.

People ask me "If you hate cops so much who are you gonna call at 2AM when somebody's breaking in your front door?" To which I always say "The rate this country is going, if someone is breaking down my door at 2AM it probably WILL be the cops."

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