Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bechtloff Book Club: Fifty Shades of Grey

I know this might sound snobbish of me but I generally steer clear of extremely popular fiction books. My taste in reading is a little more eclectic than most people. I mean sure there are some gems among the best sellers, but for every Harry Potter or Hunger Games there seems to be a dozen idiotic pieces of shit like Da Vinci Code or Twilight. Usually if a book is a cultural phenomenon its probably because its lowest common denominator. Or put another way if a book is on sale at Walmart or Target I probably don't want to read it. So at first I had very little interest in this Story of O rip off.

But I kept hearing how extreme and controversial this was. In fact about a week ago a close friend told me his wife read it and was grossed out by it. I thought "Wow this thing must be really gnarly" So as curiosity got the best of me I picked up a copy. On sale at Target no less. The book follows our main character Anastasia Steele as she becomes entangled in a love affair with wealthy business man Christian Grey. However Grey's sexual tastes are for BDSM. He basically wants more of a slave than a girlfriend. So we go through constant ups and downs of her being shocked, then turned on, shocked, then turned on, shocked, then turned on, ect ect. Oh and the main character, Anastasia, is incredibly bland and boring. I suppose the author did that so the women reading this can super impose themselves on top of her for their masturbatory fantasises. Despite her lack of personality Grey, for whatever reason, is fascinated with this girl and more and more she morphs into a girlfriend as well as potential sex slave for him.

Now before I get to the meat of my review I have to say I can't imagine why anyone would be offended or outraged by this book. The most kinky think that seems to happen is he spanks her. Big fucking deal.

Alright that said this book in incredibly repetitive and derivative. It is essentially the exact same story you see in any romance novel with Fabio on the cover dressed like a pirate. Girl falls for bad boy and girl goes back and forth between outrage and arousal. Basically her mind and pussy duke it out. Hell this book is even complete with not one but two 'nice guys' who she knows she probably should love but just don't make her vagina tingle like Mr Bad Boy.

Now, I suppose it's an entertaining enough book. Aside from Anastasia pretty much all the characters are interesting. And there were actually some genuinely moving parts. And as derivative and predictable as it was the downer ending was actually a surprise. Although now that I think about it, the book is meant to be part one of a trilogy so I suppose the downer ended exists merely to set up the conflict for the next book. So was it worth the $10 I paid for it? Yeah, I guess, I've certainly wasted $10 on worse things. Will I finish the trilogy? Ehh probably not.

I can't say I hated this book, and if your looking for a romance novel you could certainly do worse. But I wouldn't really recommend it either.

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