Wednesday, July 25, 2012

By all means please do.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg,  who is one of the most power hungry big government assholes (remember this is the mayor who wants to decide how big your soda can be) in American politics today and boy is that saying something, has been up in arms about the need for gun control following the Batman shooting. He recently said that cops should go on strike until Americans surrender their guns. 

Wow, as far as I know this might be the first thing to come out of that man's vile corrupt lips that I think is actually a good idea, albeit inadvertently. We need police to have a civilization, I don't dispute that, but we don't need corrupt out of control bullies wearing the badges. Most good cops support the 2nd Amendment, but boy do the corrupt asshole cops hate it.

So all the pigs who think the American people should be disarmed, please by all means go on strike. You will not be missed. 

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