Monday, July 2, 2012

Comic books and Obama: A slobbering love affair.

By the way just to come out and say it I ripped the title of this thread off of a book about the media being in bed with Obama by Bernard Goldberg called A Slobbering Love Affair. Now that that's out of the way, you have no idea how much the above image sickens me. To see my all time favorite super hero 'teaming up' with that socialist Chicago gangster. Fuck me. This image taken from the infamous Spider-man meets Obama comic. A lot of people say this issue was a good thing, after all it sold tremendously well. Sure most of those were just jackass speculators, but it's not like they almost fucking destroyed the comic book industry before so what's the harm of pandering to them again right?

As stupid as it was the above story was just a little throw away back up story in one issue of Amazing Spider-man. So I guess in and of itself it was no big deal but Marvel was not the only kisser of Obama's ass in the comic industry, the guy was everywhere from Army of Darkness  to Archie. But the dubious honor of being the biggest licker of Obama's balls goes to a tie between Erik Larsen and Rob Liefeld. Larsen gave us this little gem:

It's no wonder Obama won what with getting the coveted Savage Dragon endorsement. This might seem odd at first, courting the fictional vote, but getting people who don't actually exist to vote for you is a pretty common and effective tactic among Chicago politicians.

And then Liefeld gave us this:
In this issue Obama is attacked in the White House by some shitty Youngblood villains who kill both of the secret service agents around Obama then Obama takes one of their guns and fights his way out. I think Rob thinks Obama killed Bin Laden with his bare hands.

And lastly what I can't help but notice is no Obama hero worship this election cycle. Guess the liberal messiah didn't pan out like they hoped.

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