Monday, July 9, 2012

Cop still employed after convicted of assault.

So this Rhode Island pig Edward Krawetz was just convicted of assault after he kicked this unarmed hand cuffed woman in the face. He was sentenced to ten years in jail but because he's a cop the judge suspended his sentence and he did not spend one mother fucking day in jail. Never fucking forget people cops are above the law. Now this is another example of how ass backwards we are. He should not have gotten less punishment because he's a cop he should have gotten MORE. Cops wield a lot of power and MUST be held to a higher standard. This shit bag should right now be spending the rest of his life in prison servicing his cell mates. Oh and he already had a conviction for assaulting a jogger.

And you want to know the most fucked up part of this? He hasn't been fired yet. Because it takes the government so fucking long to fire an employee this mother fucker is still collecting benefits paid for by the very community he was terrorizing. Frankly I wouldn't be surprised if once the media firestorm dies down they just put him back on active duty. There is no accountability with these fucking pigs anymore, why should we be surprised they are out of control? If you give somebody a gun, a badge, and virtual immunity to consequences what do you fucking think will happen?

Here's the thin blue line that supposedly protects us people. Don't you feel oh so safe?

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