Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July, what's left to celebrate?

Our liberty has taken lots of hits over the years and in the last decade or so in particular. The Patriot Act, the TSA, banning trans fats and even large sodas in areas. More and more cops are little more then power drunk bullies, our government continues to grab more and more power while spending us over the cliff into the financial abyss and the biggest blow came last week when the Supreme Court ruled the government can force us to buy a product against our will calling it a 'tax'. We are being made to pay a 'tax' to private companies.

Fuck me. I don't feel much like celebrating this year.

But there is some hope. Look at all the Ron Paul signs you see out there. More then Obama signs and certainly more then Romney signs. Look at the huge crowds of people that would come to see him speak, especially young people. And he did all this with a total media blackout. Both right and left wing media. And when they were talking about him it was to smear him. And still he was gaining steam. I know he didn't do that well in the voting booths but I suspect after the near win in Iowa that Ron Paul votes were going right in the trash. And even if they weren't he did that well swimming against the current of the whole fucking media establishment. People are hungry for the message of liberty. So maybe we will get the dream back. Things might get worse before they get better, it might even take a collapse of the current system to get back to a free society. But I believe the dream will live again.

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