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My top 10 most underrated comic book movies

There have been a lot of comic book movies, especially in the last 10-15 years. Some have been critical and commercial successes and some, well, some have been smoking craters. But there are some I feel have been shit on way too much. Now this is just my list. Some of these I feel are very good movies and I genuinely do not understand why they are not liked. Most of these though, I get why people don't like them, but I still feel like they are shit on too much. I'm sure a lot of you readers probably hate most of what's on this list, but I'm also sure there is at least one movie you really love that everybody else seems to hate so maybe you can relate to what I'm feeling here. And maybe this will get you to take a second look at some of these movies and maybe just maybe see something you missed the first time. If not, hey fine, this is just my not so humble opinion after all. So here we go.

10) Supergirl (1984). Now I sorta only included this one in fairness. Yeah I think it's a shitty movie and no I don't particularly like it, even in a guilty pleasure sorta way (although I do own it, what can I say, I'm a comic book nerd) but it still does technically qualify as underrated in my eyes simply because this movie is almost universally sneered at, while the Reeve's Superman movies which it was a spin off of, are almost universally celebrated and I can not for the life of me see how this movie is really that much worse. I'm sorry, but the Christopher Reeve's Superman movies sucked. As I said in an earlier post they are full of random nonsensical bullshit. The saran wrap 'S' in Superman II being the most infamous example. So without getting too far into the merits of the Reeve's Superman movies here, let me just say this, if you liked the Christopher Reeve's Superman movies you should probably give Supergirl another shot. Its pretty much the same thing. But with boobs, and therefore maybe even better.

9) Daredevil (2003). I can't really talk about this movie without first talking about Ben Afleck. Everyone wants to hop on the 'Fuck Ben Afleck' band wagon and in one sense I can't blame them. The man has been in some shitty movies and given some shitty phoned in performances. But to me there are two Ben Aflecks, the "I don't give a shit I'm just cashing a check" Ben, and the " I actually care about this project" Ben. The first Ben tends to show up in shit like Armageddon or Pearl Harbor, the second Ben shows up in things like Changing Lanes (which if you haven't seen you should). We got the second, "actually cares" Ben for this. Afleck has said before he has a deep love for this character, but most people just see Afleck and write this movie off. A lot of other things I thought really worked well in this movie. Colin Farrell was a great Bullseye and Michael Clarke Duncan was great as the Kingpin. To me there was only one major flaw to this movie, but it was kind of a fatal flaw. Jennifer Garner as Elektra. First of all Garner can't act. At all. I have seen better acting from Saved by the Bell: The New Class. Shit, I've seen better acting in porn. And Garner is no where near attractive enough to make up for her terrible acting. I've never understood her appeal as a sex symbol at all. I mean look at her face, Bruce Campbell doesn't have that strong of a chin. Also I never though Elektra was a very interesting character to begin with. For a love interest Karen Page would have worked much better and if you needed a femme fatale Typhoid Mary is way more interesting then Elektra ever was.

8) Fantastic Four (2005) Now I'm not saying this was a great movie, I'm just saying I didn't really think it was a bad movie. It had a lot going for it. I thought Ioan Gruffudd was a great Reed. And Michael Chiklis absolutely nailed it as Ben Grimm. Chris Evans was a pretty good Torch (although he turned out to be a far better Captain America) and even Jessica Alba was doing a pretty decent job as far as acting, at least as good we could hope from her (unlike Jennifer Garner I think Alba actually is attractive enough to make up for her poor acting, at least most of the time) To me this movie, much like Daredevil had only one major flaw but again like DD it was a fatal one: Julian McMahon as Doom. First of all getting a shitty actor from an over rated shitty basic cable prime time soap opera to be Doom is mistake number one. But perhaps the bigger mistake is how toned down and just lame Doom is in this movie. Dr Doom is like THE number one Marvel villain in my mind. He's a master of basically every science, built his own Iron Man like armor, is an accomplished sorcerer, and even runs his own mother fucking country. This Doom has metal skin, electric powers and his own office building. A story is only as good as it's antagonist and this villain sucked a fat dick. But again if you would have had a more proper Dr Doom you would have had a damn good movie. As it stands, if this is on TV I'll usually watch it.

7) Superman Returns (2006) There's a lot I don't like about this movie. I don't like the idea that Superman knocked up Lois then decided to split town. I don't like the fact that even though Kryptonite is Superman's weakness he still manages to fly a fucking island made of the stuff into space. And I don't like it being sorta a sequel to the Reeve's movies and sorta not. Either start over or don't. I do however like pretty much the entire cast of this movie, especially Kevin Spacey as Luthor. Spacey nailed it. Every time Spacey was on screen I was loving that movie. His rants, his interactions with his girlfriend and henchmen, and of course when he fucking shanked Superman with a shard of Kryptonite. Fucking gansta. This movie might have had it flaws but I still content it's by far the best Superman movie to date.

6) Spider-man 3 (2007) I'm not gonna talk about the character designs in this movie, I already talked about that in greater detail in an earlier post. Suffice to say aside from Sandman I didn't much care for them. Now I agree this is by far the weakest of Spider-man movies. There is a lot I didn't like here. But there was a lot I did like. While the black costume looked terrible, Venom looked pretty solid. Sandman was very interesting even if I didn't like making him Uncle Ben's real killer. The scene where Sandman puts himself together after the accident, that was incredible. I also like how in the beginning of the film Spider-man is very popular in the city and Peter is up his own ass about it, to the point where he can't even let MJ talk about problems in her life without steering the conversation back to fucking Spider-man. It's a classic communication problem in a relationship and it felt like real tension rather than forced. I agree this is the weakest of the trilogy but it really doesn't deserve the 'franchise killer' reputation it has.

5) Ghost Rider (2007). I really liked this movie. I don't really know why everyone hated it. Sure it had some plot holes, some silly moments, and a few clumsy character moments, but I would say no more so than the first Spider-man or X-men movies. As far as I can see the main criticism seems to be from people on the 'Fuck Nick Cage' band wagon. I hear things like 'He's too old' as though his age would affect his power. A lot of people don't really give much in the way of specifics other then not liking Nick Cage. I guess he's the kinda actor you either love or hate but I dig the guy. And his over the top style worked very well in this. The dumbest criticism came from a close friend of mine who is firmly in the anti-Cage camp. "He wasn't cocky enough, they should have had a guy like Chris Evans" First of all my friend has a huge boy crush on Evans, but more than that I think it betrayed an ignorance of what kind of character Jonny Blaze is. Just because he's a daredevil stunt man doesn't mean he is a cocky smart ass. He is actually a brooding character and I still contend Cage nailed it. No offense intended to said friend.

4) Sin City (2005) This movie isn't so much criticized as it is ignored. I remember when Brittany Murphy died and all the news stories would list her film credits, I never once heard this mentioned. But what really makes me feel like this movie is officially underrated is that its 'predecessor' and 'cousin' film 300 is way more liked, despite the fact that this movie had way more going for it. It had far more interesting and fleshed out characters, a better story (or stories in Sin City's case) and far better actors. And yet every time I see top 10 lists of comic book movies on sites like Newsaram I alwasy see 300 listed above Sin City, if Sin City even makes the list. Fuck 300.

3) Conan the Barbarian (2011) Why the fuck isn't this liked? We are officially in the part of this list where these are good fucking movies and I can not for the life of my see what people's problems are. If your one of these fucking morons who says "Its not like the Arnold one" then you can go choke on a dick. The Arnold one was fucking stupid. The only saving grace is Arnold's 'acting' is enjoyable in a fun ironic way. This was a proper, true to the source material Conan. Complete with all the violence, the sex, and the just plain bad ass shit of the Robert E Howard stories. I hope they make a dozen fucking Conan movies with this actor. Oh and maybe we can get a proper Red Sonja movie while we're at it with an actress that doesn't look like a fucking transsexual.

2) Punisher: War Zone (2008) This movie fucking rocked. It was truly the Punisher come to life on the big screen, minus all the typical Hollywood bullshit. If you don't like this movie then you simply don't like the Punisher. I hear people say "It was too violent" It was the fucking Punisher, what did you expect? One guy at a comic book shop told me he expected more depth "Look at what they did with Batman in Dark Knight, it didn't have to be mindless violence, they could have told a deep story" No they fucking couldn't. Punisher is not Batman, Batman actually has some depth in the source material. Punisher is a guy who lost his fucking mind and is on a rampage. And that's what this movie was. And you know what? It was fucking fun.

1) Green Lantern (2011) What fucking movie did the critics see? Because the one I saw was fucking amazing. I saw the midnight showing and people stood up and applauded when it was done. Mark Strong was great as Sinestro. Michael Clarke Duncan was great as the voice of Kilowog. And you know what? Ryan Reynolds was a great Hal. Most of the criticisms I've heard are vague but one I hear over and over is from nerds who are mad that Reynolds beat out Nathan Fillion for the role of Hal. Now to all you Firefly fan boys who are still mad about that here's what you should do: form a line outside Nathan's house so you can all take turns sucking his dick that way you can get your fucking boy crush out of your system. Would Fillion have made a good Hal? Probably. But Reynolds got it and Reynolds nailed it. Get the fuck over it.

So there you have it. Maybe I've given you something to think about, maybe I've pissed you off. 

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  1. A lot of those movies are underrated. Daredevil is incredibly underrated, especially the superior Director's Cut (Elektra didn't help it's reputation though). I genuinely think people hate it because of Affleck, and he's good in it anyway!

    Spidey 3 is okay but it's not brilliant. Green Lantern is sorely, sorely underrated - I have no idea why nobody liked it. Because you're right, the critics didn't see the same movie I did.

    The only place I disagree with you on is Fantastic Four. For starters, FF: Rise of the Silver Surfer is better in every way. But ultimately, whilst Doom is rubbish - I can't believe they got him so badly wrong! Twice!!! - the rest of the movie isn't anything to write home about. Chiklis was indeed a good Thing but he looked like plastic, not real rocks. Gruffud didn't carry the 'aged sageness' of stuffy Reed - he just acted far too youthfully. And even if Reed is 'young', he should be 'old', y'know (see Ultimate Reed for a compromise). Alba is one of my favourite actresses but she doesn't fit any version of Sue Storm. And I actually thought Johnny was good but, again, better as Cap strangely enough.

    Now what happens when they do an FF / Avengers crossover. "Cap, I saw you burst into flames back there!" "Johnny, how come you fought in WWII?"

    -Jeremiah Ecks,
    who defends the really awesome Daredevil and Green Lantern movies to his dying breath.