Sunday, July 22, 2012

Post Batman shooting reaction.

I'm somewhat pleasantly surprised by the reaction to the Batman shooting. Normally it seems like when a tragedy like this happens people lose their minds and panic. There has been a little bit of that here but not as much as I would have thought. Things like this show us our mortality, that any one of us may not come back home when we head out. Safety is at best a relative term. Those truths are scary but they are none the less true. Let us not surrender freedoms or forgo enjoyments like the movies because one lunatic out of a country of over 300 million lashed out. The simple fact of the matter is these things can and will happen. Life is too short to live in fear.

The natural urge is to react to these things to make sure it doesn't happen again. But aberrations like this mad man can not be planned against, certainly not fully. Banning costumes at movies, increasing security, or whatever other knee jerk reaction comes to people's minds will probably only serve to hinder the enjoyment of movie goers, not significantly add to their safety.

Then there are those who would use this to further a political agenda. On the left of course is the gun control crowd. Never mind that gun control does not make people safe, well meaning fools will always call for it after something like this. And our power hungry government would love to see us disarmed at the first change they had. And of course those on the right will attack the very movie industry itself. Michael Savage on his Friday show said Obama should have called for the movie to be pulled. Savage went on to explain how violent movies are responsible for this sort of violence. This is particularly hypocritical from a man with a penchant for Gangster and Mafia movies like Savage. Do not listen to these sanctimonious fools, we must not surrender our First and Second Amendment rights on the altar of safety, or we will ultimately end up neither safe nor free.

The only positive way to react to something like this is to extend sympathy to those affected, to realize life is short, to be thankful for the time you have, and to make your peace with God, because one day, be it decades from now or today, you too will die.

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