Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Retro Review: Green Lantern vol 3 #72

Alright so to recap last issue, Kyle Rayner has started a 'Hero Quest', basically a road trip to seek the advise of more experienced super heroes. Last issue he went to Gotham to seek out Batman's advice, who basically told Kyle to go fuck himself, and he ended up running into the golden age Green Lantern Alan Scott, who offered up some rather morally questionable advise. This issue he heads to Fawcett City to seek out advise from Captain Marvel.

There really isn't as much to this issue as the last one. We see Captain Marvel save Museum Curator Professor Tolemy from some falling piece of an Egyptian exhibit just outside the museum entrance that had fallen from a crane. Then we cut to Kyle who has snuck into the not open yet exhibit to sketch some of the artifacts. The professor finds him and gives him a little speech about how awesome Egyptian culture was before throwing him out. Next we cut to Kyle sketching on the steps of the museum, and Billy Batson AKA Captain Marvel comes by and asks to look at the sketches. The two chat for a little bit both unaware of the others duel identity when the museum explodes. They of course both run off in different directions 'Looking for help'. And of course Green Lantern and Captain Marvel both show up to find the explosion in the museum was caused by the newly resurrected Priest Seti. Seti is of course going on your standard Egyptian monster rampage and GL and CM attack him. Throughout the fight Captain Marvel keeps insisting to Green Lantern that maybe we can just talk to Seti and work this out. Once our two heroes deduce that this is actually Professor Tolemy possessed by Seti CM manages to talk Tolemy into regaining control. So Green Lantern has learned that sometimes the day can be won with words rather then violence. Granted most of the time undead monsters can't be talked into behaving, but I guess it never hurts to try. Also as with last issue we had another epilogue involving a mysterious threat to the Darkstars.

This was a decent if predictable story. As soon as Captain Marvel started insisting "maybe we can talk to him" you knew both how this would resolve itself and what lesson GL would learn. Still it was a pretty fun read.

Next stop in our 'Hero Quest': Wonder Woman.

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