Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review of the Week: Avengers # 28

I've really been enjoying Avengers vs X-men so far. The tie ins however have been hit or miss. I actually enjoy the tie ins in the X-books a lot more which is odd as I'm more of an Avengers fan. Other then Avengers Academy I really haven't liked almost any of the tie ins in the Avengers books. This one was a pretty good character study, even if it had a few minor plot holes.

This issue starts out with Red Hulk AKA General Thunderbolt Ross reviewing over the events of AvX so far, specifically his role in it. This part of the book is done in an interesting ways. There are flashback panels with no word bubbles, "silent" panels if you will, and panels of all red with Red Hulk's narrations. Rulk decides he needs to do "What Captain America can't and Wolverine won't" and attempt to assassinate Cyclops. He manages to sneak into Utopia in Ross form and is about ready to the shot when he realizes he can't move his finger. Emma has found him and is in his head. She gives him her typical bitchy dominatrix attitude, lecturing him about "the sewer of his mind" when she decides to make him cut his own throat. This of course makes him Hulk out. He fights the X-men for a while and pretty much loses. The X-men decide to he to powerful to be able to hold and decides to send him back "with a message" He lands in the Avengers Wakanda base with an 'X' carved in his chest. He shrugs it off with "It will heal"

On the one hand this was a pretty damn good character study on Red Hulk. On the other hand there is more then a few things wrong with the plot. I thought the X-men didn't know the Avengers were in Wakanda until the part where Namor floods it? Was this afterwards or something? And why did Ross think a bullet would take out Cyclops with his new god-like powers? This could have been one of the best tie ins to this event but these plot holes really shot this issue in the foot.

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