Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review of the week: Captain Marvel #1.

I had such high hopes for this. I really like Carol Danvers. I thought the Mr Marvel series from a few years back was one of the best ongoing series to come out of the last decade. This however, well there's just a lot wrong with it. For one thing we see Carol in her new costume and lesbian haircut with no explanation given for her new look. Captain America suggests she should start calling herself Captain Marvel and much of this issue is her deciding whether or not to do that. And the art. Well first of all it's dark style doesn't fit the tone of the character or this story. And it's just sloppy and full of mistakes. Check out this panel for instance:

Where is her star embalm in the center of her chest? It's just suddenly gone in this panel. And don't even get me started on her ever changing hair length throughout this issue. And you know what else bugs me? This obviously takes place after Avengers vs X-men. You shouldn't be releasing books that take place after AvX until AvX is done. This is a major flaw in the big comics events over the last few years. Remember how long Civil War dragged on due to delays? An event should hit hard and fast and be over in a hurry. If its a mini series it should be weekly. Remember Onslaught? It was building up and building up slowly, first in the X-men books, then when it was ready to spill into other books it touched like every book in the Marvel U for a month or two then there was the Onslaught: Marvel Universe one shot and then the next week we had the aftermath. Because there was such a sharp divide between pre and post Onslaught Marvel there were no books that took place after Onslaught on the shelves before Onslaught wrapped up. AvX is doing a good job of moving fast and staying on schedule, but it should be weekly not bi-weekly. And also Marvel is releasing too much info on post AvX books. Come on Marvel stop giving away bits of the ending.

So was this a bad book? Well, it wasn't complete crap, but it was pretty damn weak. Frankly if your interested in the character your better off checking out trades of the previous Ms. Marvel series.

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