Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Review of the week: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #1

When I was a real little kid I fucking LOVED He-Man. Once I discovered the Ninja Turtles I kinda moved on but before that I was all about He-Man. Yeah I know now that Prince Adam was gayer than the inside of Ryan Seacrest's butthole but I was like 4 and 5 back then. I didn't know what a fag was let alone did I care if He-Man was one. All I knew was he was a dude who had a magical sword and kicked some ass. And all the ancillary characters were cool as hell too.

So today when I saw a new He-Man #1 on the shelves I knew I had to get it. I didn't expect much but I was pleasantly surprised. In the story Adam is a humble woodsman (yeah I thought of that joke too) who has vague dreams about being He-Man but no solid memory and the world is a terrible place presumably ruled by Skeletor. After a while he heads out of the forrest in search of answers regarding his unclear memories. He is attacked by Beast Man and whips his ass. Confused as to where he got these fighting skills Adam continues on. We then cut to Skeletor who opines that Adam can not be allowed to regain him memory. He then tells a beat up Beast Man to tell everyone Adam must be stopped. And that's where we end.

I gotta tell you I'm pretty anxious to see where there going with this. How did things get this way? Why hasn't Skeletor killed Adam already? What happened to the rest of the Masters of the Universe? I don't know where we're going with this but I'm hooked so far. James Robinson has really stepped up to the plate on this one. And Philip Tan is getting it done with the art as well.

This was a pretty damn good read if you didn't pick it up you missed out.

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