Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rush Limbaugh thinks new Batman movie is anti Romney.

Thank you Rush for alerting us to the obvious left wing propaganda. You see the villain in the new Batman movie is called Bane. And that sounds like Bain Capitol, a company Romney used to be involved in that the left is claiming destroyed people's jobs because the left doesn't understand economics. So clearly this villain is only in this movie to remind people about this Romney 'scandal'. Because see Bane sounds like Bain. I mean yeah sure Bane was first introduced in the comics in 1993, and this movie has been in production long before Romney was the nominee, and this isn't even the first Batman movie to have Bane in it (although the less said about that the better) still this is clearly a smear job on Romney.

Rush, as someone who does hope Obama loses in November I'm asking you, please, do a little research before you spout the fuck off. You have a whole staff of people working for you have one of them fire up Wikipedia before the show. I know you have 3 hours a day to fill but just a touch more effort would be nice. I mean for fuck's sake man fucking think before you open your pie/pill hole. Please.

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