Saturday, July 14, 2012

So Guardians of the Galaxy? Really?

In what was one of the worst kept secrets in San Diego Comic Con history Marvel announced it's mystery movie for 2014 will indeed be Guardians of the Galaxy. Not Dr Strange, not Luke Cage and Iron Fist, not even Namor. Guardians of the Galaxy. Wow. Oh well, as much as I mock this odd choice for a movie, it's not like I won't be there opening weekend.

Also of interest Marvel announced the Ant-Man movie is official, the subtitle for Cap 2 is Winter Soldier ( I knew they were setting up for that in the first movie), the subtitle for Thor 2 is The Dark World, and Ben Kingsley will indeed play the Mandarin in Iron Man 3.

DC really needs to get it's act together on movies (of course DC also needs to fix this aborted mess that is the New 52 but that's a different topic) think about it, if all goes according to plan it looks like Rocket Raccoon will be on the big screen before Wonder Woman or Flash.

At this rate we'll get a Darkhawk movie before we get Justice League.

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