Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Batman shootings and false flag operations.

In the wake of the Batman shooting, liberals are of course clamoring for gun control. Gun control advocate Tom Mauser was on Hardball the other day exclaiming that the reason nothing ever gets done is 'people forget'. It amazes me how incapable of understanding mainstream America liberals can be. Nothing gets done on gun control because for the most part Americans oppose gun control and support the 2nd Amendment.  Gun control does not work. Where ever it is put into place is an abysmal failure. But our government would love to disarm us.

Now the more and more I find out about this shooter the more and more things don't add up in the official story. Did this man, James, Holmes act alone? At least one witness indicates that he did not. So why is this not being followed up on? Why is this not being reported more? And how did this grad school drop out who apparently didn't even have a job afford the armory he had? How does a man who planned this for months now appear to be barely aware of his surrounding like he's in a drug induced stupor? Why is he so quiet? Usually these guys can't shut up about the supposed justifications for their murderous rampage? Is there even a manifesto or something? I'm beginning to suspect the possibility this might have been something of a false flag on the part of the government to drum up support for gun control. Some of you may dismiss that as crazy conspiracy theories. But it is a well known fact that governments do engage in false flag operations. In fact more and more the 'Fast and the Furious' operation seems to be a false flag intended to increase demand for gun control, either that or it was incompetence at a nearly impossible level.

Now again I'm not saying that this Batman shooting is indeed a false flag, only that there is some evidence to suggest it. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if this James Holmes guy "kills himself" in prison if you know what I mean. But if this was a ploy by the government to turn us against our 2nd Amendment rights it didn't work.

Americans, it seems, still believe in the right to bear arms. And boy does that confuse and piss off liberals.

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