Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hero Spotlight: Power Girl

In the last few years I've become a pretty big fan of Power Girl. Which caused to me to go back and take a deeper look at some of her past stories. I wasn't impressed with a lot of what I read. For those of you who don't know back before Crisis on Infinite Earths DC had several alternate Earths, one of which being Earth-2 which was the home of the Justice Society and the golden age versions of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. In the 70's DC introduced the Earth-2 version of Supergirl, named Power Girl.

These 70's JSA/Power Girl stories weren't bad but they weren't all that great either. Power Girl at this point was pretty deep into 70's era feminism and she was frankly annoying. Always a fucking chip on her shoulder, always something to prove. Take this scene for example. Her teammate, the Star Spangled Kid, who has one of the shittiest costume designs ever, has made an embalm for her costume.

Yeah! Take that teammate who was only trying to be nice to me! What a cunt. I mean I get her reasoning but she could have said something like "No thanks I don't want something that close to my cousin's symbol, I want to have my own identity" instead of basically telling him to shove it up his ass.

And then came the Crisis. Earth-2 was destroyed and the characters from Earth-2 that didn't have an exact Earth-1 counterpart were folded into the history of Earth-1. And so was Power Girl. But wait, she doesn't fit. At this point the DC editorial didn't want anyone but Superman to be a Krypton survivor, hence Supergirl's death in Crisis. And even if they did it would be Supergirl not Power Girl. Well over the years we would try and shove Power Girl into a new back story. Something about Atlantis or some bullshit. It never really worked. Then in 2006 Infinite Crisis came along and we restored memories of Earth-2 to Power Girl. So she was much easier to explain. Shes Supergirl from an alternate Earth. And now that she once again had a back story we could take her from a character design to an actual character. And that's just what the recent Power Girl series did. This was a brilliant series from start to finish and if you haven't checked it out you should.

Now let's talk about her costume. Obviously we have the infamous and I would argue iconic 'boob window' There was the version we see above in 'be a bitch to my teammate' segment there, basically the same thing minus the boob window. There was the low cut version seen here.

And then of course in the 90's this disaster happened.

This was during the time she was from Atlantis or something. Kinda odd to me that this costume was from the 90's, something about it just screams 80's to me. Maybe it's the headband.

Anyways I often hear a lot of bitching from people about how her classic costume objectifies her and other bullshit. I feel like it's sexy but still classy enough. I mean have you seen what some female super heroes run around in? You don't hear quite as much bitching when it comes to her low cut version which actually shows much more skin. I guess there is something about the boob window that just polarizes fans. Her new 52 costume looks like this:

Well, it's not very good, it looks like one of those lame ass character designs from an Ultraforce comic or something. Still not as bad as the awful Harley Quinn redesign.

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