Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

I recently decided to join twitter. I don't really know why, I always thought it sounded like a waste of time, and after a couple weeks on there I'm not impressed. I'm only following a few people, comedian Amy Schumer, Ron Paul, the cancer on the comic book industry known as Rob Liefeld, and Lindsay Ellis AKA the Nostalgia Chick. There are a handful of video series on I like and that's one of them.

Lindsay's reviews are usually pretty thoughtful and interesting, but she is a total liberal leftard. But hey it's not like I have to agree with someone to respect them and listen to what they have to say. After all it's important to listen to other viewpoints and attempt to foster discusion on the issues of our time right?

So Lindsay was one of the people I followed on twitter. One tweet from her was about how she hates Mitt Romney because hes going to repeal Obamacare. I've said in an earlier post I think Obamacare is a fucking abomination, so I couldn't just let this go unchallenged. So I responded to that post with this.

If you cant see why gov forcing us to buy a product errodes our freedom your a fool Lindsay

And that bit of daring to question the little Princess in front of her loyal followers got me banished from her kingdom. She blocked me from following her. For that. Holy shit. Now to put it in context I have responded to a few of Rob Liefeld's tweets with how much I can't believe he still gets work. And that guy hasn't blocked me. Lindsay Ellis has shown less class than Rob fucking Liefeld.

Now I'm not really mad, it's her account she can ban whoever she damn well pleases, and I'm certainly not surprised that a college age liberal who most likely gets all her news from Jon Stewart and Current TV can't defend her views, but I am disappointed. I had thought this girl was someone worthy of respect. I was apparently wrong.


  1. I dunno dude, you basically called her an idiot for not having the same political views as you. You didn't exactly start with something that insinuated that you were looking to have an actual discussion.

    You gotta remember that you're not talking to me or Chace, but somebody that doesn't know you personally and most likely took your comment as just being some random asshole that was just looking to call names and such, which these guys probably get a decent amount of to begin with.

    If you were looking to have any real discussion or even just assert your views without it being ignored, you have to use a modicum of tact, as opposed to just blurting out the first thought that crosses your mind. Most people aren't gonna really care what the raving, name-caller says, regardless of whether he's right or not.

  2. First of all in my defense I had already tweeted a couple of positive replies to some of her tweets. But also if you want to be in the public eye you should have thicker skin. It's not like I posted "You're wrong you stupid cunt"

    Also this was a reply to a tweet where Lindsay admits to 'rage tweeting' at Romney. So don't dish out what you can't take sweetheart.

    Could I have been more polite? Sure. Should I have? Probably. But if my relatively tame 'raving' got her to ban me this shows a kneejerk reaction to ban anyone who dares to critisize and thats kinda pathetic.

    Now again its her account she can ban whoever she wants. I'm not even mad here. I'm just disappointed. I thought better of her then that. I was apparently wrong.