Saturday, August 4, 2012

One More Day and the Oedipus complex

One More Day. Fuck me. There mere mention of this abomination makes want to cry like a little girl with a skinned knee. This is to me the single worst thing to happen in the history of comics. I could go on and on for days about the many reasons why this was a disaster. I could talk about how I feel Spider-man works better married. I could talk about how not one single person in this story was in character, including fucking Mephisto. I could talk about how fans should be insulted by the fact that Joe Quesada thinks that Spider-man fans can't relate to being in a relationship with an attractive woman. I could talk about all of that for fucking days. But lets talk about one of the grossest aspects of this story, and one of the most over looked. The fucking Oedipus complex Peter has in it.

This is the story of, among other things, the fact that Peter values his Mom Aunt more then his wife. And given that the story is almost completely Quesada's baby (JMS actually wanted his name taken off) that makes me shudder to think of what sort of perverted issues Joe Q must have here. Don't believe me this story reeks of Oedipus? After the deal Peter is heading down stairs to someone off panel saying "Good morning Tiger" And its fucking Aunt May. So the pet name that Peter's wife had for him, the thing she probably screams mid orgasm for him, is what we have his surrogate mother calling him. Really setting the tone for this 'Brand New Day' aren't we? And just in case you missed the 'replacing my wife with my aunt' subtext this happened.

Fuck Peter why don't you just slip her some tongue while your at it. The amazing thing is in interview after interview Joe Quesada kept categorizing the angry fans as a bunch of losers. It takes giant fucking balls to shove the single worst moment in Spider-man history down the fan's throats against their will, a story full of creepy fucking overtones like this, and then call us, the people disgusted by it, the assholes of the situation.

Go fuck yourself Joe.

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  1. I cannot agree more with your appraisal of the storyline. It wasn't good then, it isn't good now, and it still reeks of desperation and really, really bad storytelling. Nobody was remotely in character and none of it made any sense. They did start to retcon as much as possible later - they said in the story the identity recapping was Mephisto's doing, but then later said it wasn't anything to do with him (can't have it both ways Joe!).

    I just think it still corrupts the books to this day. And we're not talking just the dissolution of the marriage, even though that would have been bad and insulting enough. The fact that Mephisto was involved, and the continuity changing bastardisation of the serial nature of the fiction... it's a mess. It's a big mess. I cannot stress how quickly they need to repair their mess and retcon it out of existence because it continues to be a cancer on the books. They can deny it all they like, it doesn't stop it being any less true. Or loathed.

    -Jeremiah Ecks,
    who thinks Mysterio had to have mind-screwed the whole lot of it for it to have worked.