Thursday, August 16, 2012

Retro Review: Adventures of Superman #603

As I mentioned in an earlier post I fucking love the Crime Syndicate of Amerika. So when I saw this 3 part Superman story guest staring Ultraman, Owlman, and Superwoman of the CSA I had to get it. So let's dive right in to part one.

The art is a fucking mess. It's like if Humberto Ramos if he was on crack. There's 'stylized' and then there's 'what the fuck is going on here'. This artist, Carols Meglia has crossed deep into the latter territory. I checked out his Wikipedia page to try and learn who's dick he had to suck to get this job. It was kinda short, apparently he died in 2008 of a heart attack. Shit man, I had so many more jokes about this art, but since I have a rule, well more a general guide line than a rule, about not speaking ill of the dead I will try to keep the bad mouthing to a minimum. Anyways our story starts out with Superman meeting up with President Luthor. They banter back and forth and Superman says "Don't bother contacting me if there's trouble, I'll probably know about it before you do" To which Luthor responds:

Oh shit Carols, your really making this hard for me to be nice. I mean I'm sorry you're dead but I'm also pretty sure you just showed me Luthor's sex face. That's not cool man. I'll be seeing this panel in my nightmares. Anyways we cut to a woman giving birth. She mentions how much of a miracle this is since she thought she was infertile. Next thing you know there is an explosion and we cut away. We pan out see the cause of the explosion. The baby apparently has crazy mind bullet powers and is having a fucking tantrum.

And....ummm.... apparently we are seeing this through a fish eye lense for some reason. Really making it hard Mr. Meglia. So anyways Superman manages to get to mind bullet baby into his fortress to study it. Suddenly Ultraman shows up. To be continued.

Hmmm not a bad start to this story, bad art aside. What's up with this baby? What does Ultraman have to do with it? I'm looking forward to finding out next issue.


  1. If I'm remembering correctly, Chris, Meglia's home country was in a civil war at the time he was doing this work. He was dodging bullets at the same time he was drawing the story!

  2. Thats very sad for him if true, it doesn't make this good artwork though.

    This guy spend his whole career drawing things that look like Humberto Ramos drew them as a 6 year old. Regardless of the reason why is is not professional level artwork and he had no business drawing DC's flagship character.

    Any sob story he might have had is irrelevant, there are millions of talented artist out there who would suck Dan Didio's cock to work at DC.