Friday, August 17, 2012

Retro Review: Adventures of Superman #604

So last issue we had a baby appear in Metropolis with crazy mind bullet powers. Superman got the destructive little brat to his fortress to try and figure out what to do about the situation. Then Ultraman from the Crime Syndicate of Amerika showed up. Also the art work sucked a big fat dick. But hey, check out that cover maybe this issue will have better art.

MOTHER FUCKER! Its still that Meglia guy. I swear guy draws like a 6 year old on meth. So anyways it seems like Ultraman is after the baby. In fact he wants to kill it. Superman obviously doesn't want that to happen so the two of them fight and banter with each other. This would probably be a fun fight if we had an actual artist on this book but this Meglia guy is so fucking 'stylized', it goes beyond me finding it unpleasant to the point where I have a hard time following the action.

Next thing you know Superwoman and Owlman show up also after the baby. Superman assumes that this is their baby and Ultraman wants to kill it out of jealousy. A fair assumption I suppose given the weird cuckoldy love triangle the three have going. Well at the very end the baby announces it has 'achieved new sentience' and it's actually the latest incarnation of the Brainiac from the CSA's universe. So that's why Ultraman wanted to kill it. Superwoman and Owlman however, I'm not sure what they wanted. They didn't seem to want to kill it because they had ample opportunity to do so, in fact Owlman was holding the baby and threatened to kill it if Superman didn't keep Ultraman at bay. Either way the issue ends on the cliff hanger of the baby revealing its self to be Brainiac.

A lot of unanswered questions here. Let's hope next issue wraps things up nicely.

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